8 Dining Considerations for 2018


Considering big changes to your food service spaces? Look below, where we share the top 8 topics to consider when designing a university food service project.



Understand the needs and desires of your students. Survey them on the menu and types of fare they want. You can even ask what design they envision. Get their attention as they swing through the serving line, or conduct an email survey. Gathering individual responses is key to identify what you need to attract and retain students.



How do your students use your dining spaces? Do they meet to collaborate on projects? Do they need a place to hang out after hours? Provide them with an inspiring space that is flexible enough to accommodate just about any type of use imaginable. 



When planning for renovation, utilize your dollars in a smart sense that not only upgrades your building but enhances the student experience. Make your facilities projects more special and plan them to benefit your students, too. Your facilities will be safer and more desirable to students.



Help students get comfortable and set the stage for different interactions. Inspire them to socialize with peers or to engage in work. Students expect to find ample lounge areas, quiet study spaces and large high-top tables that promote collaboration. Get creative with design cues to keep zones separate, yet unified.



Looking to provide a healthier menu? Chances are that you will need to upgrade your kitchen equipment. Save space and money and consider investing in equipment that provides multi-purpose use. For example, you can cook more than just pizza in your new pizza oven. A great way to promote freshness; feature a chef with open-flame cooking.



What’s your university’s mission? What gets your students excited? They chose your campus because they felt a special connection. Are you a sports school, an ivy-league university or an attainable community college? The interior atmosphere speaks volumes about your difference. Think beyond just school colors and connect your students with a familiar, yet bold design.



What materials will hold up to years of use? Durable finishes always seem to cost more. But, considering lifespan and replacement costs, high quality finishes can provide higher value than you may think.



When modernizing your facilities for ADA compliance, consider incorporating gender neutral restrooms. This is indeed a touchy subject, but it is of more importance that each and every student feels safe. Give them a space where all can be comfortable and an inclusive part of their college community.


Do you have any thoughts or ideas to share? We'd love to hear how you approach your campus projects.

Jeannine RossignolComment