Edge Welcomes Courtney to the Team


After graduating from RIT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Interior Design, Courtney moved to Chicago where she worked on numerous K-12, municipal and office design projects. Now she's back in Rochester and we are excited to welcome her aboard!


Getting to Know Courtney

What designer inspired you the most?

I was initially inspired by fashion designers, I loved thumbing through high fashion magazines as a kid. I became fascinated with the ability to manipulate textiles and create shape and form. The simplicity of Coco Chanel will always be an inspiration but I equally love the grit and vibrancy of a designer like Vivienne Westwood. 



What is your favorite design trend?

Personally, I love Mid Century Danish modern design. The De Stijl movement, Mondrian, anything with modular capabilities and simplicity in form and function is very appealing. I think good design should stand alone with little need for ornamentation.



Why did you join Edge?

Allen and his team are always pushing for innovation in design, function, and ways to incorporate sustainability at the onset of development. I believe that one should always be learning and growing, therefore aligning myself with a firm whose work and reputation is as respected as Edge’s was an easy decision to make.



What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

I love music and theater almost as much as design; I studied classical voice, drama, and jazz for much of my adolescence. Going to concerts, the symphony, and to the theater put me in my happy place. If I am not enjoying those, I love being by the water so kayaking and paddle boarding would be a close second.

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