7 Reasons Why Student Unions Are Important

Student unions are evolving to better meet the needs of today's student and are a critical component to his or her success. The University of Illinois at Springfield recently published the list below of 7 ways student unions contribute to student success. (click here for full article).

1.     Acquire the skills of leadership

2.     Gain a sense of belonging

3.     Develop a wide perspective

4.     Find provisions on campus

5.     Gather for large events

6.     Share learning and work together

7.     See the campus at its best

Your student union should be a place that brings students together to connect, collaborate and learn.  Studies show that when student unions don't meet student needs, they seek alternative locations to hang out and study. Outdated spaces can negatively impact student satisfaction and future recruitment.

Should you be considering adding to or updating your student union spaces?