2018 SUNY/PPAA & NYAPPA Conference


Edge team was excited for this year’s 2018 SUNY/PPAA & NYAPPA Summer Conference, located in scenic Lake Placid, NY. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up with old friends while at the same time make new ones.

While we covered a broad range of topics in discussions with attendees, including everything from scheduling and budgets to new air purification systems, the topic of new technology piqued our interest. Gen Z is entering college, and it's time to think about the needs of this generation.

63% of administrators are making technology spending a priority, and it’s not without reason. Gen Z is the first generation to completely grow up in the digital age, and schools are hustling to make sure they adapt to their needs.

However, attracting new students to your school is only one part of the equation; getting them to stay is another, and how quickly you can get a new student to connect to your school is a critical factor in retention rates.


50% of campus growth is in buildings not used for academics, and facilities such as Student Unions are not only important for colleges and universities to promote what they offer, but are a tool to help students to connect with their school. They have become the heart and soul of a campus and as a prominent and active location for a school community, should be a welcoming place that brings students together to connect, collaborate and learn.


How much of an impact do your campus facilities make on attracting/retaining students?

Aurora TaiComment