Welcoming Narin Nuth to Edge

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Coming back full circle from where his interest in design began, Narin has lived in a variety of different places around the US and recently relocated back to Rochester after living in Vermont. As the Edge team's newest Architectural Designer, learn more about him in the Q&A below:

Tell us something about Vermont that many people don’t know.

I suppose the first few things people think about when they think about VT is Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, maple syrup, and probably skiing (winter sports) – this is somewhat an accurate assessment, but VT has so much more. For example, and if you are into craft beers, you will probably already know that they have some of the highest rated beers in the world. Heady Topper brewed by Alchemist Brewing is an American double/Imperial IPA is probably the most coveted beer in the world. They have limited weekly releases and on those days you’ll find a line of people coming from all over the country just to purchase a 4-pack. 

There’s also the Champy, the fabled loch ness monster that dwells Lake Champlain. I haven’t seen him per se but he’s there somewhere. 

You lived in Rochester in the past. From an Architecture point of view, how has it changed since you left?

This is true. Upon high school graduation I enrolled into the Interior Design program at Monroe Community College as a non-resident. I remember my experience there being very wonderful. Richard Metzgar was my design professor there and we became very good friends outside of school. He was a cross-media artist outside of academia and that was inspirational for me as a youth. 

You know as a kid, I was always interested in Frank Lloyd Wright because he appealed to my senses, his use of geometric forms, and built-in furniture was all it took. The first time seeing the Boynton house in person was surreal. Seeing it felt like the next step in my young experience of an inspiring Architect. I parked my car, and creep’d for a good hour.

I can’t really talk much about how much it has changed since I’ve been back, mostly because I haven’t really had time to explore much yet, but one thing I did do with my wife was visit the George Eastman House because obviously we wanted inspirational ideas for our home and the drinking cup made out of an animal’s hoof was very impressive. 

Who is your favorite Architect and why?

I have many favorite Architects. 

Why did you join Edge?

I had a great meeting with Allen Rossignol, and the rest is wildfire.

What are your favorite hobbies?

My wife and I purchased a wonderful house near the city of Rochester and have been consumed with renovating it. When I am not doing house related things, I like to spend time with family and friends, and also staying physically fit/healthy.

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