Part 2 (Work-life Integration): 4 Considerations in Office Design that will Outlast any Trend

Office considerations infographic - work life integration.jpg

We love the term work-life integration over work-life balance. Balance means trading off one for the other. Integration means finding ways to do both, without compromising commitment to family or work.

Allowing for work-life integration means allowing for flexibility of work place. Top initiatives for flexibility include:

  • Enabling effective mobile working

  • Enabling effective remote working

  • Improving collaborative working technology

It also means an office environment that feels more like home. Underutilized meeting rooms can be transformed into breakout areas, communal domains and quiet rooms. Spaces become more flexible, more productive and promote interaction. 

Being more comfortable not only helps accomplish tasks but it also helps your employees to look forward to work, every day.


How do you and your team achieve work-life integration?

Up next in our series... Integrated Technology. Can't wait? Download the entire infographic here.

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