Part 3 (Integrated Technology): 4 Considerations in Office Design that Outlast any Trend


It is really hard to entice a worker to come into the office, when the technology they have at home exceeds the technology available at work.  New hires and millennials expect offices to have: 

  • Wireless keyboards, mice, and headsets

  • Personal laptops and tablets

  • Smartphones

  • Dual monitor setups

  • Smartboards

  • Adjustable work surfaces

  • Media lounges

  • Game consoles

Think about how your employees use, or want to use, technology. Reserving conference rooms online or via an app. Connecting wirelessly to any screen. Recharging devices wirelessly. Teleconferencing. 

Keep in mind the next generation joining the workforce, Generation Z. Their entire learning and home environments have been enabled by technology. 


What technology is a must for your office?

Up next in our series... Workplace Wellness. Can't wait? Download the entire infographic here.

Jeannine RossignolComment