Part 4 (Workplace Wellness): 4 Considerations in Office Design to Outlast any Trend

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The sedentary nature of the office environment can no longer be ignored. The American office worker spends an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes a day sitting at their desk. Studies have long shown that lack of exercise leads to health issues. Initiating workplace wellness practices not only improves health, it reduces absenteeism, health insurance premiums and overall productivity.

Below are some key items to consider when it comes to wellness:

  • Workspace ergonomics: find ways to encourage better posture, less sitting, and more movement; offer varied desk/work surface heights

  • Take advantage of natural light

  • Ensure your HVAC systems produce the best air quality

  • Think twice about the cleaners you use, go green wherever possible

  • Get the most of outdoor spaces by providing your employees an alternative break area

  • Add showers to demonstrate your commitment to wellness, making it convenient for employees to squeeze in an exercise break

  • Provide time and areas for office-wide stretch breaks

  • Stock kitchens with healthy snack and meal options

  • Look for offices with close proximity to public transportation and/or provide bike storage

What are some of your workplace wellness programs?


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Changing the design or layout of an office isn’t about being trendier. Trends come and go. With thoughtfulness regarding your work and the needs of your current and future employees, you can make it a place that improves productivity and is a more inviting, enjoyable, and healthy place to work. A place employees want to be at every day. A place that gives you a competitive advantage to hire the best talent, now and into the future.

Over the past few weeks, we've shared the latest thinking on 4 key considerations:

  • Flexible Workspaces

  • Work-life Integration

  • Integrated Technology

  • Workplace Wellness

But each of these considerations work only when they meet the needs of your office workers. To start you need to take a close look at the work you do and the individual and collective needs of your employees.

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Need to time to think, but want to share the four considerations with your team? Download the complete infographic here.