Experience Matters: 3 Important Ways to Improve the Experience Your Wine Provides

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You may be thinking, "Of course, my experience matters - it’s how I continue to produce the best wines." But however, when it comes to your customers, that isn’t the "experience" that is proving to matter.

People's attitudes towards wine are changing. Have you noticed the overall trend toward ‘experiences’? For example, people are forgoing the traditional wedding registry, and instead are asking for money to use towards trips and adventures, choosing to opt for a more minimalist lifestyle in order to save more of their disposable income for travel.


When it comes to wine, the experience you provide, offline and online, can have a huge impact on your ability to grow revenue. But just how to do you create an experience to remember with your wine, and most importantly, one that will keep them coming back for more?


Here are 3 important ways to improve the experience your wine provides:

  1. Take your tasting room to the next level. Consumers no longer want to line up along a bar to taste your wine, they are looking for a unique experience. Update your tasting room to lounge space and private tasting rooms, and convert under-performing retail space into welcoming seating areas. During warm summer months, don't forget to take advantage of the weather and your surroundings, using your fields as additional visitor space. Also, don't forget to take your tastings offsite as well and partner up with a local restaurant to offer pairings.

  2. Get their attention in the store. Unusual, unique bottle shapes and label designs are an excellent way to grab a buyer’s attention. Find ways to capture the essence of your wine and match that to the experience your consumers are looking for, such as small get-togethers, large parties, milestone celebrations, or even romantic evenings. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the bottle as well – for example, more millennials are becoming increasingly interested in wine and find items such as canned wine intriguing for their portability.

  3. Continue the experience online. Odds are your buyers either first tried your wine at your tasting room or after a retail experience and now they are looking for you online. It's critical that the experience they have on your website or social media matches what they experienced offline. Fun, trendy, adventurous, sophisticated, mature… whatever your brand personality represents, ensure your brand is consistent everywhere you are.


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