Dining Transformation Underway at SUNY Plattsburgh


To bring a new look and fresh food options to campus, SUNY Plattsburgh is updating the interior design of Clinton Dining Hall to enhance the student experience.

Before, students had no seating options beyond wobbly tables and worn out sofas. Dated colors and dull lighting were uninspiring, certainly not helping with appetite appeal. The redesigned dining area now offers a mix of seating zones to engage multi-purpose use, a welcoming lounge area with a new fireplace and durable finishes that will stand the test of time. Even students were a part of selecting the design, choosing a style that welcomes in the beauty of the surrounding Adirondacks.

Students are now enjoying the newly renovated seating spaces, check out the before and after photos below.


clinton dining hall_before.jpg


clinton dining hall_01.jpg
clinton dining hall_02.jpg
Jeannine RossignolComment